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Piano recital

Mary Warnecke (piano)

$23   (Australian dollars)


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Now in her sixties, Warnecke was a force to be reckoned with before she did the husband/children number, which, in those days, meant cancellation of a career. She is making a comeback with her intensely personal style.

SchubertFour Impromptus Op.90
ChopinNocturne Op.72, No. 1

Selection from Douze Etudes Op 25 :
Op 25, no. 1 Allegro sostenuto
Op 25, no. 2 Presto
Op 25, no. 7 Lento
Op 25, no. 12 Allegro molto e con fuoco
Consolation No. 3
Etude No 3 - Un Sospiro


Here is heartfelt playing, reflecting a lifetime's experience…There is a lot of unevenness about her fingering of the quicker runs that makes me think she doesn't give a lot of concerts… Instead of performing, I would suggest she has been thinking deeply about this music, and it shows on every track. Her technical flaws, paradoxically, ensure that her disc sounds a lot more live – or is that simply a lot more human –… I am grateful for the musical and emotional honesty it embraces.
Andrew Ford
24 Hours November 1994

A less restrained romanticism is the key to Mary Warnecke's fine they-don't-play-like-this-any-more Piano Recital. With nary a thought for these politically correct musical times, she dispatches with great élan a tuneful fragrant programme…Liszt's Gnomenreigen, a ferociously difficult crowd pleaser, is played as fast as ever I have heard, but with a remarkable lack of any sense of strain.
James Mullighan
Capital Q. February 1995

[Mary Warnecke]… was completely unknown to me and even if "revelation" seems an over-used word it is still the correct one for my response to her recital of much-loved works by Schubert, Chopin and Liszt. Her technique is utterly secure; what is even more impressive is the sheer musicality of her playing.… she has an unerring sense of the flow and accentuation of melody (which is no easy thing for the keyboard). Everything sounds fresh, natural and inevitable; her passage work glistens and there is always an ideally balanced bass line. It is poised yet intense playing of considerable stature.
John Carmody
Sun Herald. February 1995

This is no ordinary CD, it is of a magnitude human beings must revere. Here is 50 years of music, and experience of life – all in one CD.
Adelaide Advertiser

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