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Travelling On

Australian Creole

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Guy Strazzullo (guitars)
Craig Walters (saxophones)
Keith Manning (tabla and percussion)

A most intriguing musical mix here - Indian and jazz work well together in these capable hands. Strazzullo is one of the most individual guitarists working in Australia, and quite a composer!

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…Just as successful in its realisation is Australian Creole's combination of nylon string acoustic guitar, Indian tabla drums and saxophone. Travelling On sees this unlikely trio, led by guitarist Guy Strazzullo, explore wide musical terrain. Talk about world influences if you must, but this is simply wonderful music. A beguiling and mesmerising experience.
Peter Jordan
Rolling Stone, June 1995.

Jazz. of course, has used "world" influences, and particularly Latin American ones, almost since the day the music was invented. That's what the Sydney band Australian Creole base their efforts on and their light but wholesome sound is a welcome addition to the busy local scene. The line-up of leader Guy Strazzullo on guitar, the inventive Craig Walters on saxophones and Keith Manning on percussion is unusual, but actually works very well. And how come the Tall Poppies label can consistently produce full, rich recordings when other local efforts often sound way too thin?

Hugh Nolan

…Ironically, most Australian contemporary jazz is richly melodic and infectiously rhythmic, influenced not by a real or imagined avant-garde, but by multiculturalism. Her we have a very good example. Led by Guy Strazzullo on nylon string acoustic guitar and guitar synthesiser, with Craig Walters and tenor and soprano saxophones and Keith Manning on tabla and percussion, this agile and propulsive trio use an idiom that draws from Latin, Indian classical music, flamenco and jazz. The method is not pastiche and synthesis. John McLaughlin and Chick Corea have established the direction, but Australian Creole have a somewhat airier,. more relaxed feeling that either of these two. All guitar fans are directed to Strazzullo's brilliant improvisations and special mention must also be made of Craig Walter's, whose lines are full of subtle invention and beauty.
Gail Brennan
Sydney Morning Herald. February 1995

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