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Moving the Landscapes

AustraLYSIS (improvisations)

$23   (Australian dollars)


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AustraLYSIS appears in Australia in several guises, united by the pianist/bassist/composer Roger Dean. All of the guises involve improvisation, and this is the acoustic version of the group.

The players are amongst Australia's finest:
Roger Dean (piano)
Sandy Evans (saxophone)
Tony Buck (percussion / samplers)
Greg White (samplers / electronics).

Music by AustraLYSIS
Dye pulse
Even suite time varies
Moving the landscapes
Hardly moving
Reel choice
Drums are-ticulate


'Moving the Landscapes settles into a continuous exploration of styles and sonorities in which Roger Dean's sensitive keyboard playing shines and Sandy Evans' sax playing...is extremely expressive, almost vocal.'
Andrew Ford, 24 Hours, January 1993

'The minds of three musicians experienced in this kind of music making...gives confidence and daring to self-expression.'
Jim McLeod, 24 Hours, January 1993

'Track after track here commands our attention, not just with the drama of what AustraLYSIS can do but with the variety of means, instrumentally and rhythmically, and the degree of emotion they are prepared to risk. What I liked best of all was the inward ness these performers develop, the sense we get of their moving off alone, without compromising the drama of interplay; most of all, without ever releasing tension. This is improvisation that offers increased pleasure at every hearing.'
David Malouf, 24 Hours, January 1993

'The tour de force of the album is Hardly Moving, from all points of view: formal structure, instrumental virtuosity (from all three performers), choice and blend of acoustic and electronic sound sources, the consistently sustained musical process of stre tching from one musical style though others and back to the original, the tight ensemble playing and group improvisation, musical vigour and energy, and finally, the execution of sound engineering/mixing which is always fully supportive of all the elements in the piece.'
Cathie Travers, Sounds Australian, Autumn 1992

'The style, tempo and general character of the pieces vary greatly but tend towards the accents and phrasing of jazz when the propulsion of the music is strongly marked. The disc is often inviting in its material and vividly recorded.'
Roger Covell, Sydney Morning Herald, January 1993

'For the TRULY adventurous.'
Stephen Ellis, Fanfare (USA), November 1993

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